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Oil and Gas Asset Management

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Course overview

Relevant industry case studies and success stories will be reviewed throughout the course to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of the entire oil company decision-making process from initial new country entry strategy through field abandonment. The participants will gain an understanding of asset management throughout the upstream lifecycle, which will be reinforced using oil and gas group challenges. The course covers the technical and business challenges, as well as the interactions with fiscal and government bodies.

The course is designed for

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Drilling engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Reservoir engineers
  • Exploration managers and team leaders
  • Commercial managers or land men
  • Business development managers
  • Personnel involved in assessing the value and viability of exploration projects
  • Other personnel, including non-technical, that need to improve their understanding of risk analysis, prospect evaluation and petroleum economics

Course outline

Day 4: Development

  • Field development
  • Facilities
  • Construction and project management

Field development planning will be discussed so that groups can submit a simulated field depletion plan in challenge four. Facilities requirements and artificial lift will be reviewed so that participants can address challenge five, planning simulated facilities for their development projects. Construction and project management will also be discussed as the groups must plan a construction project in challenge six.

Day 5: Production

  • Production
  • Maximizing value
  • Abandonment

Participants will learn about the main objectives in production and some of the ways companies are meeting these objectives. A challenge will be presented with a series of choices to maximize value in the production operations phase. Sale or abandonment of assets will be discussed. Further reading will be suggested for additional understanding of asset management. 

Day 1: Strategy

  • Macro-economics and corporate strategic responses
  • Three tests of strategy
  • Internal and external factors impacting the value of assets
  • Fiscal regimes

Participants will learn how corporate strategy affects the management of upstream assets. The three tests of a strategy, as well as the internal and external factors impacting asset value will be discussed. The impact of fiscal regimes on asset strategy will be explored. The day ends with participants finding the sedimentary basins using geophysical techniques in a group challenge to find the best exploration blocks.

Day 2: Exploration

  • Petroleum systems
  • Geophysical methods
  • Exploration as a process and successful exploration strategies
  • Petroleum economics

Exploration concepts including petroleum systems and geophysical methods will be discussed. The exploration manager's dilemma, as well as the importance of exploration as a process will be presented. How oil companies identify risks and use petroleum economics to have successful exploration programs will also be covered. The day will end with participants prospecting for oil and gas in a group challenge.

Day 3: Appraisal

  • Drilling
  • Reserves classification
  • Reservoir appraisal

Participants will learn about the general process of drilling and well configuration in the appraisal part of the upstream lifecycle. The importance of reserves classification and the purpose of reservoir appraisal will be discussed. The day will end with participants performing exploration and appraisal drilling on their chosen blocks.



Location Start Date End Date Cost Trainer Book
London 24 Jun 2019 28 Jun 2019 £2,950 Jeannine Smith
Kuala Lumpur 22 Jul 2019 26 Jul 2019 £2,950 Jeannine Smith
Istanbul 4 Nov 2019 8 Nov 2019 £2,950 Jeannine Smith

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