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Tanker Familiarisation

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Course overview

This course applies to officers and ratings who will be assigned to specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo and cargo equipment on oil tankers.

The course is designed for

All Officers and Ratings intending to join a tanker and who will be assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment on tankers:

  • Safety Engineer
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Marine Seamen

Learning objectives

  • To introduce marine personnel to basic tanker operations
  • To give marine personnel the basic knowledge of oil cargo and dangers associated with its handling
  • To enable the participants to assume the ship board duties and responsibilities relating to the loading, discharging or transfer of cargo and the operation of cargo equipment.

Course outline

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IGS – Gas freeing and inerting

Tank Cleaning, COW, Ballasting,

Cargo operations loading and discharging,

HSE procedures, Pollution prevention, Ship Shore Checklist

MARPOL, OCIMF, ISGOTT, Terminal safety, Ship Shore Checklist, SIRE inspection

Fundamental of oil cargoes

Diff types of tankers – evolution of tankers, safety arrangement,

Oil Cargoes – types and movements, properties

Fire – Triangle, Tank Atmosphere, Purging, Source of ignition,

Fire safety precautions – Tanker safety equipment’s


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