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Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Risking and Economics

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Course overview
The course will focus on critical issues that ultimately affect decision-making. Although contents do not compromise with science and technology, language is purposely kept plain. Industry jargon is not indulged with but attendants, at the end, are expected to gain the necessary familiarity with it. The teaching approach aims at integrating a solid understanding of geological processes with basic knowledge the industry tools scopes, applicability and limitations that rule exploration workflows and finally determine success and failures.

The course is designed for

  • Professionals (engineers, economists, lawyers) of oil companies, institutions, public offices or banks asked to efficiently interact with, support or simply understand geologists involved in oil and gas exploration projects
  • Geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers who want to learn the methodology for applying sequence stratigraphy to correlation, facies analysis and delineation of stratigraphic traps

Learning objectives

  • To provide students with a global scenario of the exploration project and the exploration workflow concerning the petroleum system identification, the prospect evaluation, the play mapping and the calculation of volumetric and finally the risk/uncertainty analysis for the economics project.

Course outline

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Petroleum Exploration

Objectives and working environment
Exploration licenses and licensing
Subsurface mapping
Play generation
Prospect generation
Pre-drill resource quantification (volumetrics)
Resources vs reserves
Prospect evaluation
Exploration workflow 


Risk and uncertainty
Play risk
Prospect risk

Project Economics

Factors and variables
Evaluation teams and team coordination
Decision tools

Petroleum Geology

Rocks of petroleum relevance
Sedimentary basins
Rock deformation
Hydrocarbons origin and generation
Source rocks and petroleum provinces
Subsurface fluids and hydrocarbon mobility
Traps, trapping mechanisms and trap effectiveness
The “Petroleum System” concept
The “Play” concept 

Investigation tools

Land surveys
Electric logs
Gravity and magnetics
Data and data acquisition and management


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