training specialists to the upstream oil and gas industry

Introduction to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production: non-technical language

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Course overview

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the oil and gas exploration and production industry from an historical, current and future perspective for both non-technical and technical staff. The principles of exploration, development and production will be covered and complemented by what is happening in the industry and what the future holds. The full lifecycle of exploration to product deliver will be covered.

The course is designed for

  • Professionals who need to learn about the industry
  • Personnel within the industry
  • Technical support staff entering the industry
  • Technical staff who want to expand their understanding of the industry
  • Students considering the industry as a career

Course outline

Field development and production

Field development planning
Lifecycle costing
Economic analysis
Development drilling
Facilities and production

The big picture


Health, Safety and Environment

Health considerations
Safety considerations
Environmental considerations


Alternatives to oil and gas
Carbon capture and storage
(CO2 sequestration)

The future

Peak oil
Where will we find oil and gas in the future

The role of oil and gas in society

The nature of oil and gas
Uses for oil and gas

Petroleum Geology

Geological time
Rock types
Sedimentary basins
Plate tectonics
Source rocks
Traps and seals

History of oil and gas

1800s to the great wars
Post war to present


Gravity and magnetic surveying
2D, 3D and 4D seismic
Field valuation
Field appraisal


Drilling basics
Drilling, casing and completing
a well
Sampling and testing


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Perth 28 Aug 2017 29 Aug 2017 £990 Bernie Maloney
Kuala Lumpur 19 Sep 2017 20 Sep 2017 £990 Bernie Maloney

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"The Introduction to Oil and Gas E&P is very good for non-technical speakers."
Ben Watkiss, Department of Energy and Climate Change

"The Introduction to Oil and Gas was overall good – thank you."
Anna Hancock, Geoguide



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