training specialists to the upstream oil and gas industry

Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

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Course overview

The course provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals involved in Petroleum Engineering and its application to the upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry. The principles of exploration, development and production will be covered in a structured format to enable both experienced and new staff to gain a grasp of the aspects involved in developing oil and gas assets.

An emphasis on the nomenclature and terminology of all the disciplines will be clearly defined to demystify the industry.

The course is designed for

  • Professionals who need to expand their understanding of the industry
  • Personnel within the industry
  • Technical support staff
  • Technical staff who want to expand their understanding of the industry
  • Graduates wanting to expand their knowledge and gain a broader understanding

Course outline


Drilling basics
Well placement
Drilling, casing and well completions
Directional drilling
Logging, sampling and testing

Reservoir Development Planning

Recovery factor –
   recoverable reserves
Recovery mechanisms
Enhanced oil recovery
Well planning
Production profile

Facilities and Production

Oil and gas processing
Product specifications

Field Development Planning

Field development planning
Lifecycle costing
Investment profiles
Economic analysis
Development drilling
Facilities and production


CO2 flooding
Carbon capture and storage (CO2 sequestration)

The future

Technology advances
Subsea developments
Where will we find oil and gas in the future

The oil and gas Industry

Overview of the oil and gas industry
History of oil and gas
Industry developments

Petroleum Geology

Geological time
Rock types
Sedimentary basins
Plate tectonics
Oil and gas formation
Source rocks
Traps and seals

The Reservoir

Reservoir structure
Petroleum accumulations
Permeability & porosity

Reservoir Fluids

Petroleum chemistry
Fluid physical properties
Reservoir & surface conditions
Reservoir classification
PVT & phase behaviour
Fluid flow
Acquisition of data
Fluid sampling and analysis


Gravity and magnetic surveying
2D, 3D and 4D seismic
Field evaluation
Field Appraisal
Hydrocarbons in place
Exploration & appraisal drilling




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