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Albert Isaj

Albert Isaj Esanda TrainingAlbert Isaj is an experienced Petroleum Production Engineer with over 35 years experience in different staff positions and consultant roles with operators globally. He is currently based in the U.K.

During his career he has worked on different oil/gas fields from FDPs to oil/gas production, such as: Vette development (Premier Oil and DetNorske-Norway); Sea Lion development (Premier Oil-London); Well/field rehabilitation/redevelopment - Upper Austria (RAG); Field re-development  (Gorisht Kocul -Albania); Production Optimization – well/field production enhancement/workover opportunities - SNS assets  (ConocoPhillips-Aberdeen); Balmoral production surveillance and optimization (Premier Oil-Aberdeen); Production surveillance and optimization  - Scott-Telford (Nexen),  North and East Brae  (Marathon Oil); Pelican, North Cormorant, South Cormorant, Otter (Taqa Bratani), Heimdal gas field (Norsk Hydro), etc.

Experience includes:

  • Completion design (including selection of the tubing size, metallurgy, sand control/management,
  • Sandface completion selection, including horizontal and multilateral wells, as well as intelligent completions for oil, gas and injector wells;
  • Near wellbore area flow modeling;
  • Well inflow/outflow modeling and well performance evaluation;
  • Integrated asset modelling;
  • Artificial lift including
  • Gas lift design, gas lift optimization and troubleshooting
  • Teaching gas lift courses
  • ESPs design, optimization and troubleshooting
  • Evaluation of HSPs, Jet Pumps and PCPs for different applications;
  • Scale management;
  • Production optimization; Production allocation and forecasting;
  • Well and field performance monitoring/surveillance (producers and injectors / oil, condensate and gas fields/wells in both platform and subsea installations);
  • Well diagnostics and rehabilitation/workover opportunities  (producers and injectors);
  • Identifying, developing, planning and managing well operations /well testing /well intervention / subsea / plant operation or plant modification targets and priorities to maximize production/injection;
  • Training and mentoring junior engineers
  • Experienced in using production technology software packages such PROSPER/GAP, Oil Field Manager (OFM), NETool (advanced completion/well planning software), SPAN, etc.

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