training specialists to the upstream oil and gas industry

Dr Francesco Spera

Francesco Spera trained at the training center "E. Mattei " E.N.I. in Cortemaggiore Piacenza from 1998 to 1999, acquiring the knowledge needed to safely lead the team present on site during a kick or blow out, learning Well Control, and learning how to handle the work phases and staff on drilling sites.

In 1999 Francesco was awarded the "SURFACE + SUBSEA BOP and SURFACE BORSTACK Level 4"  by the International Well Control Forum. He served at on-shore and off-shore plants (Saipem and Shell), often having to manage the Well Control operations.

Since 2015 he participates actively with the INTGEOMOD providing the company its expertise with courses for the training of personnel who will be found to operate on drilling sites in the presence of Blow - Out , according to the guidelines of the 'International Well Control Forum'.

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