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Dr Vlasta Simantov

Vlasta Simantov, RNDr., is a Senior Geoscientist and Manager with a broad technical background and experience (30+ years), familiar equally with oil & gas exploration and reservoir development, onshore and offshore.

Vlasta acquired her experience working first for a Geophysical services company (7 years), later for a major Petroleum Data and information private provider (8 years), and during the past 17 years, for operating E&P companies in roles of portfolio manager, G&G manager, operations coordinator after gaining experience as an exploration geoscientist and, previously, development geologist. Recently (2016), she joined TMC Petroleum. 

Vlasta has participated technical projects and operations in Western Africa, North Sea, Middle East and Central Europe and is used to work in multinational and multicultural environments and challenging operations conditions. 

She started teaching many years ago as an external lecturer of petrography at the Technical university in Brno. Later, when having a broader experience in the oil industry, she mentored more junior G&G staff and provided numerous training sessions on several oil industry specific subjects for both exploration and production staff. Recently, she has also received a particular invitation to lecture in the Sinopec management education centre in Beijing where she trained over a hundred managers from Sinopec Production & Exploration institute.

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