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Dr William Ashcroft

Dr William Ashcroft Esanda TrainingDr William Ashcroft is a geophysicist who started his career with Seismograph Service Ltd. working with seismic parties in the desert of E. Yemen and the swamps of the Niger delta. Here he acquired skills in surveying, shot-firing and interpretation of both reflection and refraction seismic data.

He went on to graduate MSc and PhD in Applied Geophysics at Birmingham University and moved into an academic career, retiring in 1999 as Senior Lecturer in the University of Aberdeen.  At Aberdeen he taught geophysics to the MSc course in Petroleum Geology and his research projects often included strong ties with the Petroleum Industry as displayed in the references quoted below.

Since retiring Dr Ashcroft has published “A Petroleum Geologist’s Guide to Seismic Reflection” based on the course he taught to the MSc class in Aberdeen and for which he wrote a suite of tutorial computer programmes designed to run on PCs. He has used the book and computer programmes in teaching 3-day courses on seismic reflection fundamentals to industry personnel on behalf of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB).  Three courses have been given to date and a fourth is planned for 2016. The course has also been taught to ERCL at Henley-on-Thames.

International experience: Dr Ashcroft has worked on seismic surveys in East Yemen and Nigeria, and has had several contacts with Libyan seismologists, spending a week in the Petroleum Research Centre in Tripoli and supervising the research projects of 2 MSc students and 1 PhD student from that country.

Selected References:

Ashcroft, W.A. and Ridgway, M.S.  1996.  Early discordant diagenesis in the Brent Group, Murchison Field, UK North Sea, detected in high values of seismic-derived acoustic impedance.  Petroleum Geoscience, 2, 75-81.

Mohamed, A.Y., Ashcroft, W.A. and A.J. Whiteman.  2001.  Structural development and crustal stretching in the Muglad Basin, southern Sudan.  Journal of African Earth Sciences, 32, 179-191. 

Ashcroft, W.A., Hurst, A. and Morgan, C.J, 1999.  Reconciling gravity and seismic data in the Faroe-Shetland Basin, West of Shetland. In: Fleet, A. J. and Boldy, S. A. R. (eds) Petroleum Geology of Northwest Europe: Proceedings of the 5th Conference, 595-600.

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